Hell Girl also known as Jigoku Shoujo is the title given by the Master of Hell to the dead spirits who misuse their supernatural powers in order to gain revenge against something or someone. So far, only 3 girls have accepted the title and the job of granting vengeance for those who seek it.

Known Hell GirlsEdit

Ai EnmaEdit

Ai is the first Hell Girl. Main protagonist of the series, she became Hell Girl after burning down the village that she used to live, along with all residents of it. She kept her position of Hell Girl during 400 years.

Yuzuki MikageEdit

Yuzuki is the second Hell Girl. Main protagonist of third season, Yuzuki became the temporary vessel for Ai Enma soul, and started to question the actions of the Hell Girl. Unknown to her, she was actually dead long before the events of the season and was destined to become Ai's successor as Hell Girl.

Michiru SagaeEdit

Michiru is the third Hell Girl. Main protagonist of fourth season, Michiru has no memory of who she is or how she died. But her act of vengeance against those around her made she become the new Hell Girl.

Abilities Edit

Dark Energy: Hell Girl has the ability to hurl large, deadly blasts of black-colored energy. This was first demonstrated when Ai meets face-to-face with the Shibatas, having remembered her past and hatred. Yuzuki also used it in the final episode of third season.

Fire Manipulation: Hell Girl has the power to create fire, which is shown on two occasions. First, Ai used it to burn her home village down to the ground. Second, Michiru burned her home town down to the ground.