Hell Girl R is the 3rd Hell Girl series by Miyuki Eto. Serialized in Nakayoshi from March 19, 2010 – July 15, 2013. It got published into 11 tankoubons

Chapter listing Edit

Hell Girl Return Chapter 1 In a night in Shibuya, Airi saved a rich-looking plain house girl. Her name is Sayoko Mori (2nd grade middle school). Airi rake Sayoko to shopping and dress her up a bit and make her looks prettier. Someday later they meet and Sayoko wears the same dress as the one Airi wear on their previous meeting. Afterward Sayoko start stalking Airi and turned her appearance like her. Sayoko made up with Airi’s ex (as Airi) and submit a photo audition to magazine. One day Sayoko stalk Airi’s mom but she quickly dismiss her as not her daughter. Sayoko persist she is Airi but after her mom keep dismissing her because “she won’t mistook her daughter”, Sayoko slash her. Airi then contact Hell Communication then confronts Sayoko. Sayoko also carries a straw doll, given by Kikuri by using Yamawaro. Airi pull the doll thus sending Sayoko to hell

Trivia Edit

In Indonesian serialization R is for Return. It ran from January 2011 edition

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