The beginning shows Hajime on Hell Correspondence and he successfully summons a name and enters into the Twilight. Ai introduces herself to Hajime and he urges her to give him the black straw doll, but instead, she sends him into the past. It shows Ayumi, Hajime's wife disappearing, leaving Tsugumi behind. Hajime asks Ai why she sent his wife to hell, but Ai replies that it was revenge. She then offers the black straw doll to him, informing him of the consequences when the string is pulled. Hajime then wakes up and replies that he isn't sure of sending his unknown tormentor to hell.

The next day, Hajime visits his friend, Tetsu Nishi at the coffee shop and informs that he met Hell Girl. Hajime then leaves and meets with the police chief, who gives him an article that has him as the writer, but he claims that he never wrote it. The article features a suicide of a well known politician, who was investigating the Natsume Group, who is part of the Japanese mafia. The chief informs that Hajime's former supervisor, Inagaki had a debt to the Natsume Group. Hajime attacks Inagaki at his office and throws down the article. Inagaki says that he used Hajime's name when he was in New York and Inagaki didn't want to ruin his own name. Inagaki says he actually hated Hajime since he started working for him. Inagaki then reads more of the article and mentions the politician's wife's surname, Nishi; she also committed suicide and her daughter died later. Hajime rushes back home and receives a call from Tetsu, saying that he has Tsugumi at his lake house. Tetsu blames Hajime for the deaths of his brother-in-law, sister, and niece, but Hajime tries to explain that he was framed. Tetsu doesn't believe him and he hangs up.

Inside the house, Tetsu has Tsugumi blindfolded and tied, but he unties her and leaves. Then, Hell Girl appears and asks her if she's afraid to die. Tsugumi nods and says that she remembers her when she was a little girl at the time of her mother's disappearance. Hell Girl goes to leave, but Tsugumi doesn't want her to go.

Hajime rushes to the coffee shop and sees Hell Girl going inside. However, the scene changes to the time when Tetsu receives a straw doll from Hell Girl. Hajime then realizes that Tetsu was the one who sent Ayumi to hell.

Awhile later, Hajime receives a call from Tetsu, saying he will kill Tsugumi tomorrow at sunset. Having no choice, Hajime goes to Hell Correspondence and types in Tetsu's name and sends it to Hell Girl.

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