Hajime is confronted by Ai and her companions. Hajime begs Hell Girl to save his daughter, but she explains she can only take his tormentor to hell. She then offers Wanyuudou as the black straw doll and warns Hajime of the consequences once he dies. Hajime sees that he has no other option and takes the doll. Hajime is then transported to Tetsu's lake house, but discovers Tsugumi lying still on the floor. He angrily confronts Tetsu, who informs him that he hasn't done anything to her yet. Tetsu shows the article about his brother-in-law and informs that he will make Hajime pay. However, Ai appears and informs Tetsu the truth; Inagaki made a deal with Wakatsuki Jun of the Natsume Group to ruin Sawazaki's reputation and Inagaki created the article to inform the public of Sawazaki's involvement with the mafia.

Tetsu realizes his mistake and begs Hajime to send him to hell. Hajime, however, decides to not pull the string and gives it back to Hell Girl. Suddenly, Tetsu grabs the doll and pulls the string, sending himself to hell. Tsugumi wakes up and finds her dad, but he has the black fire symbol on his chest.

The police inspector arrives at the Shibata's home and informs that Inagaki has been arrested for the false article and has dropped the charges against Hajime. Ai and her assistants inform that Hajime will still go to hell for sending his request, but for the time being, Hell Girl continues to do her duty.

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