Here are all the characters, who accessed Hell Link and were subsequently avenged by Ai Enma.

Mayumi HashimotoEdit


Mayumi, happy again


Mayumi forced to flirt with an older guy

Mayumi is the class representative and is very well-liked and trusted by everyone. The charity money that the class has collected is thus given to her for keeping safe. But it disappears and she can't find it anymore. Her classmate, Aya, then bullies her and threatens to reveal how unreliable she really is. She is then commanded around and has to follow Aya's orders. She is tormented by her and even forced to steal money from her mother in order to pay her.

Mayumi sending Aya to hell

Mayumi contacted Hell Girl hoping to be saved. On a night out, Mayumi was forced to try and pick up an older guy who could take them out for dinner. She didn't like it and ran away. But the others already got a photo of her and the man and blackmailed her with it. They even sent the picture to her teacher, who lost all his trust in her. Mayumi decided to finally avenge herself and pulled the red thread. She became happy again, as noted by her friend, after Aya's disappearance. She knew she would have to go to hell, but kept her smile.

Ryouko TakamuraEdit

She was stalked and constantly received creepy texts, stating the stalker loves her. She was at a breaking point.

Daisuke IwashitaEdit

Daisuke Iwashita

He was the best friend of Shinichi Muroi who was killed by Hanagasa after he hit him with a bat, he asked for revenge after being framed as the murderer, but no one believed him. He tried to talk things out to Hanagasa, but the latter didn't even feel sorry for what he has done thus making Daisuke pull the string.

Junko KannoEdit

Junko rushed her beloved dog Candy to Dr. Honjo's pet hospital, but the vet did nothing to save the dying dog as he was engrossed in a phone conversation. Junko and Dr. Honjo's assistant wanted to prove that he is an abusive vet, but he catches them and insults Candy and all the other pets in his clinic. Junko, who loves her dog sends the horrible vet to Hell. Dr. Honjo faces an everlasting punishment of being attacked by the pets who died while under his care.

Misato UranoEdit

Misato was under a lot of pressure from her boss Riho, who used Misato to hack into Hell Correspondence to no success, mostly because Riho didn't know how to use a computer, despite running a famous company that uses computers. Misato uncovered some video evidence of Riho hiring a hitman to kill a man who threatened to expose Riho's secret. Misato was going to hand the evidence to the police, but Riho sends the hitman after her. Misato made a contract with Ai to save herself from being killed.

Haruka YasudaEdit

Haruka's mother Keiko was a witness of seeing their neighbor Namiko committing adultery. Ever since, Namiko wanted to keep Keiko quiet, going as far as hiring a man to rape her and kill her by setting on the gas in the house. Ai lets Haruka witness these atrocities by looking into her mother's memories. Haruka wanted to help her mother be free of the monster who was Namiko.

Kaoruko KurushimaEdit

Kaoruko was targeted by her co-star Ayaka, who was jealous of her receiving attention from Ayaka's adopted mother. Ayaka had a straw doll, wanting to send her adopted mother to Hell, but Ai made a contract with Kaoruko, who pulled her string first. Kaoruko sent Ayaka to Hell for ruining her voice and thus, ruining her chance of achieving her dream of becoming an actress.

Chie TanumaEdit

Chie's best friend Yoko had been pushed off a balcony by her boyfriend Goro, putting her in a coma. Chie wanted to avenge her best friend by sending Goro to Hell. Chie loved her best friend, even though she was not there to stop Goro from hurting Yoko.

Yuka KasugaEdit

Both Yuka and her sister Hiromi worked hard to save enough money to open their own bakery. However, a colleague of their late father, Morisaki betrayed them by stealing Hiromi's recipes. Yuka confronted him, who revealed that he was rejected by Hiromi, thus wanted to ruin her. Yuka avenged her sister and their dream by sending Morisaki to Hell.

Minami ShibuyaEdit

Minami was betrayed by her so-called friend Shiori who pretended to be her friend. Minami gets the straw doll to send Shiori to Hell, but Shiori thought they can use it to send some classmates to Hell. Minami did not want to pull the string, but Shiori forced her to do it, thus sending Shiori to Hell. Minami realized that Shiori never cared about her.

Masaya KataokaEdit

Masaya was the son of a politician who committed suicide after an article written by Inagaki provided false information that damaged the Kataoka's family reputation. Masaya contacted Ai, but Hajime wanted him to not pull the string so he can prove the Kataoka's were good people. However, Masaya believed that Inagaki deserves punishment and sent him to Hell.

Akane SawaiEdit

Akane was a middle school student, who was experiencing emotional distress due to her feelings for her teacher Yoshiki Fukasawa. Both were unsatisfied with living life and both desired to go to Hell. Akane sends Yoshiki to Hell and asks him to wait for her.


Fukumoto sent a man named Okochi to Hell using a method found in classified ads.

Saki KirinoEdit

Saki's father uncovered a plot involving the town's mayor. Saki suspected that the mayor murdered her father to cover the plot, but the reality was that the mayor turned her father away, fearing outstanding debts when Mr. Kirino demanded money. Therefore, Mr. Kirino committed suicide. Saki sent the mayor to Hell anyway.

Mina MinatoEdit

Mina was raised by her Aunt Fujie, who killed Mina's mother when she was still a baby. Fujie forbade Mina from seeing her boyfriend, but Mina defied her aunt. Mina discovered her mother's skeleton in the basement of the inn and her aunt became insane over the thought of being abandoned by her family. Mina had to pull the string in order to save her boyfriend's life.


Yumi's twin sister Yuki received more attention from their father, the ringmaster of the Happy Circus. Yuki had actually sabotaged Yumi's equipment in order to be the best in the circus. Thus, their father abused Yumi much to the delight of Yuki. Yumi could not handle any more of the abuse and sent her twin to Hell.


Nina was a little girl who was left at a sanatorium after her father abandoned her. Nina wanted to be friends with the Shibatas, but when they wanted to leave, she turns on them in a rage. Ai reveals that the real Nina died and that her soul resided in the doll that was her only friend.

Miki KamikawaEdit

Her two dogs bit Meiko Shimono, a wealthy, but evil woman who enslaves Miki and imprisons the dogs. Miki is forced to work for Meiko, who promised to release them, but ends up poisoning one dog. The other dog gives birth to a litter of puppies, but Meiko ends up killing the dog, too. Miki contacts Ai, but hesitates to pull the string. Hajime ends up saving Miki and the police discover skeletons in Meiko's garden. It seemed that everything will be okay until Miki discovers that Meiko drowned the puppies earlier. In a fit of anger, she pulls the string, sending Meiko to Hell.

Inori UijieEdit

Inori marries the son of the orphanage's main benefactor, Kyogetsu who is opposed to dolls. Kyogetsu orders Inori to "act like a doll", meaning she can't cook, clean, or anything other than sitting still like a doll. Inori can't take any more of the abuse and sends Kyogetsu to Hell, but Inori's nightmare is only starting as her husband tells her to be like a doll.

Esper WatanabeEdit

He is the star of a fake psychic show but suffers from frequent abuse from Gilles de L'Enfer, Ai Enma's opposite. Gilles desired to take Ai down, but Esper saves her by pulling the string. Ai is then able to unleash her power of showing Gilles' past sins and sends him to Hell, where the torture continues.

Yuko MuraiEdit

When her mother died, she and her father moved to the country in order to start a small farm. Their neighbor pretended to be friendly at first but was actually trying to ruin her father's business. Hajime prevents Yuko from sending the neighbor, however, Yuko might have changed her mind when Hajime and Tsugumi left.

Gourou SuetsuguEdit

He was betrayed and cheated on by his former wife Noriko. Since he knows how little she cares about all her lovers, she thought her to be deserving of hell. When he pulled the thread, Hajime was just too late to stop him. He calls Hajime stupid and thinks he can't relate to him at all.

Unknown ManEdit

He is the person who sent Kanako Sakuragi to Hell. He most likely once spotted Sakuragi at the hospital and simply typed her name into Hell Link.
She did not know him at all and hasn't done anything to him either. Perhaps he let out his personal grudges onto her. Ai Enma did not like the job, as Kanako did nothing wrong to him, but she is ordered to act out her job anyway. Ichimokuren states, that every now and then, someone sends someone to hell for no reason other than their own disposition. After pulling the string, he is satisfied and grins. He died right after a drug overdose and subsequently went to hell.

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