A list of episodes from the Hell Girl series.

Season 1: Hell Girl

Ep. Image Description
01 S1 EP 01 EN Title When a suspicious turn of events leaves the class goodie two-shoes indebted to a manipulative bully, Mayumi's peace of mind gets trashed as well as her reputation. After one particularly violent run in with Aya and her cronies, Mayumi submits her classmate's name to the fabled Hell Link.
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02 S1 EP 02 EN Title A nightly stalker has left Ryoko no alternative but to seek assistance from Hell Link. After a year's investigation, the police have finally uncovered a suspect, but the case could not be more complicated. Not only is he one of their own, but Officer Akimoto comes from a very influential family. While the police investigate, little do they know that young Ryoko's already taken action of her own.
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03 S1 EP 03 EN Title High school baseball player Daisuke Iwashita's friend and teammate Shinichi Muroi is being bullied by their team's ace pitcher, Mamoru Hanagasa. After Shinichi dies from injuries inflicted by Mamoru, Daisuke is framed for the murder and the town turns against him. In desperation, Daisuke accesses the Hell Link.
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04 S1 EP 04 EN Title Amidst tears and heartbreak a young girl loses the last member of her family, her faithful canine companion. Days later, guilt compels the vet's assistant to confess the truth behind the recent death to Junko, the truth about the clinic and Doctor Honjo. While her own remorse and anger will drive Junko to Hell Link, her fear of the ultimate consequence will give her cause to reconsider.
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05 S1 EP 05 EN Title A request ignored, Hell Link unresponsive. Even as a cruel and ambitious employer pursues virtual vengeance for profit and gain, her ill-used young charge seeks to turn the tables. Not only has quiet Misato been responsible for the company's many on-line successes, but President Riho has been putting the young woman to far darker and far more illegal uses.
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06 S1 EP 06 EN Title A mother driven to suicide by relentless persecution, the accidental witness of an afternoon tryst. Her young daughter a silent associate to the suffering. When Haruka seeks out Hell Link for understanding, revenge is offered forth instead. As a single person looks to unravel a family, the youngest will strike back.
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07 S1 EP 07 EN Title Rising talent adopted by the failing, Ayaka thought her life was made when the famous Midori adopted her, taking the young girl under her wing. But when her new mother turns into a taskmaster, exacting perfection yet extending no loving hand, Ayaka turns to Hell Link for inspiration. Dreading to damn her own soul as well as Midori's, the teenager tries a new stage act to inspire maternal love.
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08 S1 EP 08 EN Title A tabloid reporter takes interest in Hell Link just as Hell Girl takes a strange interest in his daughter. Unable to access the site himself, Hajime finds another hit on the internet and unwittingly tracks down Ai's next target. It seems Chie was able to contact Hell Girl. Father and daughter bear witness as the damned finds himself thrown into the depths of hell, just as he threw one other.
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09 S1 EP 09 EN Title Unable to forget what he has witnessed, Hajime's day job suffers from his growing obsession. And he's not the only one obsessed. Yuka and her sister Hiromi have shared a lifelong dream to open a bakery. As their dreams near fruition, a failed passion from the past looks to sour the future. Mr. Morisaki seeks to ruin all that they have worked for, so Yuka plots to ruin him in turn.
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10 S1 EP 10 EN Title Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, no matter the age. When Minami's friend and mentor left her alone and forlorn on a stairwell after school, the she just couldn't get over it. Wanting to get even, Minami contacts Hell Girl to send Shiori straight to hell. When the karmic wheel turns and Shiori needs her former friend's help to get revenge, even Hajime won't be able to get there on time.
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11 S1 EP 11 EN Title Hajime visits an old co-worker about an employment opportunity, stumbling without knowledge into Hell Girl's domain. It seems Mr. Chief Editor Inagaki is a dirty journalist willing to create a scandal even where one doesn't exist. One of his recent articles ruined not just a man but an entire family, and the son has a taste for revenge.
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12 S1 EP 12 EN Title A student misunderstood hides alone in her room, cut off from a world she can no longer stand. Akane's only companions: Cheppo, a student she met online, and her teacher who comes daily, demanding she return. With Cheppo's encouragement, the young girl contacts Hell Girl to rid Mr. Fukazawa from her life, but a surprising turn of events and a betrayal leave Akane unbalanced, unsure of what to do.
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13 S1 EP 13 EN Title Accidental witness to Hell Girl's doings, Tsugumi's vision sends Hajime scouring the city for a particular bookstore. There, within pages dated and rare, Hajime finds an account of Ai from the past, tracking down clues laid for him over fifty years before. His goal: An old man named Fukumoto, the story's author. Amidst desolation and ruin, Hajime learns of Ai and her seal.
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14 S1 EP 14 EN Title Hajime's off again, this time to a town rife with political misdealings. Tracking down the daughter of a man whose suicide had many mysterious circumstances, the freelance reporter offers his services to get to the bottom of things. But the deeper he digs, the murkier things become. Discovering two sides to the coin, despite the truth, Hajime begs Saki not to enact her vengeance upon the Mayor.
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15 S1 EP 15 EN Title Through Tsugumi's shared sight with Hell Girl, Hajime and his daughter have tracked Ai down to a remote island. Although at first the reporter finds little welcome, and even less information, he finally uncovers the tragic past of a young woman. Her mother having run off with a lover, returned in shame with the young Mina in tow. Now in the care of her aunt Fujie, Mina seeks Ai's assistance.
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16 S1 EP 16 EN Title Once again on the hunt, Tsugumi gets an unexpected treat as they search out Hell Girl's next victim. But their repeated interference has drawn some dangerous interest. Unaware of his associates, Hajime meets with a young girl, one of the star performers. Convinced she was the one to contact Ai, he leaves disappointed after a bad interview. But a horrifying vision sends Hajime racing back.
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17 S1 EP 17 EN Title Just as Tsugumi begins to worry about what lies ahead in the fog, the car comes to a stop at the foot of an abandoned sanatorium. The facility's only patient -- A sad young girl named Nina whose father abandoned her many years before. When Hell Girl comes to tell the girl she cannot exact the requested revenge, Nina decides to make Hajime and Tsugumi her new family.
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18 S1 EP 18 EN Title Hajime's on another hunt, and this time he's sniffing around a recluse's mansion. Why would Ms. Simono, a retired school teacher who hates children, suffer one to visit her house daily? And why would Miki bother to visit such an ill tempered old woman? And which one contacted Hell Girl? The questions pile up as the reporter keeps watch, unaware of the young girl's loved ones suffering within.
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19 S1 EP 19 EN Title The prestigious Uijie family has been known for generations as master doll makers. A young orphan girl named Inori has been married into the family, but too late discovers her mother in law's twisted obsessions and vicious intentions. The poor girl cannot go back to the sanctuary of her orphanage, as Uijie family funds are the institution's sole support.
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20 S1 EP 20 EN Title While eavesdropping on the reporter, not only do Hell Girl's companions learn of Tsugumi's strange connection with Ai, but they are given a sneak preview of the coming attraction. A psychic publicly ousted by another of the profession, Watanabe wants nothing more than to get is revenge. But the victor, Gilles de L'Enfer has other plans in mind.
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21 S1 EP 21 EN Title Tsugumi's next vision hits close to home, as the young girl sees her friend Yuko contacting Hell Girl. Driving out to the family's homestead, they arrive to find the farm in ruins and Yuko's father having drunk himself to death. Hajime soon learns of their neighbor, Mr. Sekine, and how with his assistance and advice the land and crops were steadily destroyed until there was nothing left.
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22 S1 EP 22 EN Title It's the anniversary of Ayumi's death, and both husband and daughter will honor her passing. Tsugumi is busy making Ayumi's favorite dish, to leave at the gravesite. Hajime is busy self-medicating, but even strong drink cannot block out the memories, or the remorse. When he learns of Hell Girl's next victim, there is an eerie resonance between Suetsugu's situation and Hajime's.
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23 S1 EP 23 EN Title A cheerful young nurse is Hell Girl's next targeted victim, but Hajime's investigations turn up no one who could possibly hold a grudge. Tsugumi's more than willing to mistrust Kanako though, convinced she must have done something to deserve vengeance. After many false leads, Hajime finally finds an bitter old man who holds Kanako and the hospital responsible for his wife's death.
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24 S1 EP 24 EN Title As Tsugumi comes to terms with her father's view on vengeance, they decide to put Hell Girl and her happenings behind them. But Ai has other plans for the little family. Communicating repeatedly with Tsugumi, Hajime and his daughter are drawn out to a remote inn. The reporter investigates the Seven Child Temple, where he learns of the gruesome local lore and legend, and possibly of Ai's past.
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25 S1 EP 25 EN Title Ages past, a remote village chose a seven-year-old girl to be sacrificed to the Kami of the mountain. But at the urgings of her family, Ai's cousin Sentaro takes the child away to live in hiding deep in the forest. For six long years, Ai lives in seclusion, her only company her cousin. For six long years the crops of the village fail, the peasants asking why.
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26 S1 EP 26 EN Title En route to Hell, Ai eludes eternal damnation to complete her revenge upon the Shibata's. Separating Tsugumi from Hajime, she shows the young girl the truth behind her mother's death. As Ai hands Tsugumi the straw doll, she urges the daughter to damn the father. But with help from Ai's companions, Hajime bursts in before Tsugumi can pull the red string, releasing Ai's vengeance upon them both.
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Season 2: Two Mirrors

Ep. Image Title Description
01 S2 EP 01 Title The Girl in the Dark
(闇の中の少女, Yami No Naka No Shoujo)
Maki Onda visits the Hell Link website every night to try and figure out who keeps bullying her.
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02 S2 EP 02 Title Bubbles
(うたかた, Utakata)
After Yayoi's sister is murdered, she visits the Hell website to learn who the perpetrator is and to enact her hellish revenge.
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03 S2 EP 03 Title Beloved Kei
(愛しのけいちゃん, Itoshi No Kei-chan)
Tae is extremely protective of her childhood friend and neighbor, Kei. When Kei tells Tae that he suspects his girlfriend is cheating on him, Tae vows to make her pay.
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04 S2 EP 04 Title Secret
(秘密, Himitsu)
Yagisawa blames Houki for sending his wife into a comatose state, and he promptly seeks his revenge.
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05 S2 EP 05 Title Barreling Towards Hell
(地獄への暴走, Jigoku E No Bousou)
Leon tries to leave his gang because he has fallen in love with Izumi, but it's not that easy to leave such an organization.
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06 S2 EP 06 Title Where the Sun Shines
(陽のあたる場所, Hi No Ataru Basho)
Hosano uncovers a sinister plan for the girl he loves. After she also learns of the plan, she accesses the Hell Link.
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07 S2 EP 07 Title Bonds
(絆, Kizuna)
Ever since Emi's brother, Tatsuya, died in a motorcycle crash, her mother has been increasingly withdrawn.
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08 S2 EP 08 Title The Fake Hell Link
(偽地獄通信, Nise Jigoku Tsuushin)
A fake Hell Link has been created. One of the teachers is certain one of the students made it and sets out to find out who. Ai learns of the truth and dishes out punishment.
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09 S2 EP 09 Title Elder Brother, Younger Sister
(あにいもうと, Ani Imouto)
Miki runs away all of Maho's boyfriends by dressing up as a woman and seducing them away from her. When she finally reaches her boiling point, she decides to get rid of him.
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10 S2 EP 10 Title Anna Sone's Intimate Holiday
(曽根アンナの濡れた休日, Sone Anna No Nureta Kyuujitsu)
Negoro Tetsuro, a clumsy and foolish director obsessed with writing screen plays, wants Hone Onna to be the protagonist in his film. However, things take an unfortunate turn.
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11 S2 EP 11 Title The Distant Room Next Door
(遠い隣室, Toui Rinshitsu)
Amagi Shizuko, new to the neighborhood, adopts a stray cat and names it Muru. Someone threatens her, trying to get her to throw out the cat, putting her in a tough spot.
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12 S2 EP 12 Title Black Rut
(黒の轍, Kuro No Wadachi)
The brother of a traffic victim will do whatever it takes to get a new road built - but may not be able to grant the request of the only man standing in the way.
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13 S2 EP 13 Title Tragedy of the V
(Vの惨劇, V No Sangeki)
Men have been found dead with their hands in the "peace" symbol. Eventually, the culprit is discovered, and he calls the Hell Link to complete his quest for vengeance.
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14 S2 EP 14 Title The Peaceful Lakeshore
(静かな湖畔, Shizuka Na Kohan)
A washed-up writer named Kakinuma decides to take revenge on a producer friend of his who became famous.
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15 S2 EP 15 Title For the Sake of This Country
(この国のために, Kono Kuni No Tame Ni)
Unhappy with the way Japan is being governed, a woman and her father devote themselves to the campaign of a candidate who seeks to change certain policies.
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16 S2 EP 16 Title Aspiring Femme Fatale
(悪女志願, Akujo Shigan)
A girl named Ran tries to send a man who betrayed her boss to Hell, but she meets a geisha who has a better plan.
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17 S2 EP 17 Title Silent Gaze
(沈黙のまなざし, Chinmoku No Manazashi)
A young girl thinks her mother killed her father and seeks to send her to Hell. However, the true story of her father's disappearance has yet to be revealed.
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18 S2 EP 18 Title That Person's History
(あのひとの記憶, Ano Hito No Kiroku)
A girl comes home from work one day to find her mother, who abandoned them years prior, has returned as an invalid.
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19 S2 EP 19 Title Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging for Travelers
(湯けむり地獄、旅の宿, Yukemuri Jigoku, Tabi No Yado)
With a familiar problem, a family whose ancestors were Ai's victims 400 years ago, the story of how Wannyuudo came to join up with Ai is told.
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20 S2 EP 20 Title A Maiden's Album
(乙女のアルバム, Otome No Arubamu)
A girl named Mari is in an abusive relationship with her former friend, Juri, who threatens to send Mari to Hell if she doesn't do exactly as she's told.
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21 S2 EP 21 Title Paper Balloon Wafting
(紙風船ふわり, Kamifuusen Fuwari)
A young woman obsessively pursues a reunion with her ex-boyfriend for the sake of their unborn child. She and Hone Onna share a surprising connection.
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22 S2 EP 22 Title Longing
(憧憬, Doukei)
Takuma is suspected of having murdered his mother and gravely wounded his father, but he has not been arrested due to the lack of evidence.
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23 S2 EP 23 Title Distrust
(不信, Fushin)
Yoshizaki, who sent Kakinuma to hell, goes to the police detective Meshiai to claim Takuma is innocent, but another missing person paints him once again as the culprit.
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24 S2 EP 24 Title Chain Reaction
(連鎖, Rensa)
Detective Meshiai learns about Hell Girl from a book written by Hajime Shibata and confirms that Takuma isn't sending people to Hell.
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25 S2 EP 25 Title Adrift
(彷徨, Houkou)
A mob goes after Takuma while Hotaru searches in vain for her brother, Detective Meshiai. She discovers the book about Hell Girl and runs away with Takuma.
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26 S2 EP 26 Title Dyeing Indigo
(あいぞめ, Aizome)
A grief-stricken Hotaru, desperate to end the insanity in town, makes a difficult decision, and the Lord of Hell won't make it easy.
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Season 3: Three Vessels

Ep. Image Title Description
01 S3 EP 01 Title The Girl Who Found Herself Robbed
(奪われた少女, Ubawareta Shoujo)
Since Ai's death, her companions have gone their separate ways. However, Kikuri announces her return, and they gather as faculty and staff at a school.
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02 S3 EP 02 Title Bird in a Cage
(籠ノ鳥, Kago no Tori)
Yuzuki is still disturbed by her encounter with Ai. Meanwhile, a middle school boy develops a crush on a middle-aged shopkeeper - and a grudge against her abusive husband.
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03 S3 EP 03 Title Rotten Fruit
(腐った果実, Kusatta Kajitsu)
Aspiring singers at the same talent agency, Jun bullied Masako until she gave up on her dream. After Jun becomes a pop idol, Masako demands that Jun support her debut.
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04 S3 EP 04 Title Big Brother
(兄貴, Aniki)
When the bullied Yukawa is rescued by the kendo-practitioner, Nishida Shin, Nishada becomes Yukawa's hero. However, heroes are not perfect.
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05 S3 EP 05 Title This Mundane World
(うつせみ, Utsusemi)
A student's grandmother begins a vendetta against Mio, her teacher, for a supposed slight against her granddaughter Ririka.
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06 S3 EP 06 Title My Teacher
(わたしのセンセイ, Watashi No Sensei)
A group of students infatuated with Hone Onna compete with one another for her affections. The competition turns ugly, and one of the students accesses the Hell Hotline.
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07 S3 EP 07 Title Liar
(うそつき, Usotsuki)
Inuo's father left his mother and, ashamed, the two left Tokyo. Inuo lies about the situation at his new school but confides in a friend, incurring his mother's wrath.
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08 S3 EP 08 Title Neighbor
(隣, Tonari)
When her dog, Momo, is returned, Mioi, is overjoyed. However, a neighbor takes issue with Momo's collar, and begins a quest to make Mioi leave the apartment complex.
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09 S3 EP 09 Title Stray Inari Spirit
(はぐれ稲荷, Hagure Inari)
A low-profile girl named Inao Kaede claims to be a fortune-teller. At the sign of her continued success, a student requests Inao kill the person stalking her.
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10 S3 EP 10 Title The Goldfish in the Mirror
(鏡の中の金魚, Kagami No Naka No Kingyo)
A boy named Ichimura Kazuya is a marathon runner. He does the morning rounds of newspaper in order to support his mother's habit of buying kimonos from a charming salesperson.
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11 S3 EP 11 Title Blotted Page
(滲んだ頁, Nijinda Peiji)
Kamisaka Rokurou is a novelist whose mystery genre book, The Skyscraper's Shadow, is getting a lot of publicity because of the strange incidents that resemble its plot.
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12 S3 EP 12 Title Midsummer Chart
(真夏のグラフ, Manatsu No Gurafu)
Nomura Nobuo is a struggling manga artist who works part-time. He draws stickers for those who bug him and puts their faces up on his calendar chart to pick who goes to hell.
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13 S3 EP 13 Title Six Coin Lanterns
(六文燈籠, Rokumondoro)
Azusa feels that chief of investigation, Norihisa, Akie's father, halts an investigation on an accident and reports it as an accident to prevent the truth from being known.
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14 S3 EP 14 Title The Street Corner of Bitterness
(怨みの街角, Urami No Machikado)
Convenience store worker Tsuzuki Kinya offers to take care of Kashiwagi Hidemi after she misses the last train home.
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15 S3 EP 15 Title The Rabbit & the Turtle
(兎と亀, Usagi To Kame)
Shinohara Usagi, is a schoolgirl who is supremely indesisive. One day, a boy named Endo asks her on a date, inspiring glowers of jealously from her friends.
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16 S3 EP 16 Title The Trap of Temptation
(誘惑の罠, Yuuwaku No Wana)
Naowa sends a coworker to hell because of his suspicious behavior, but as always, there are dire consequences.
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17 S3 EP 17 Title Inside the Straw
(藁の中, Wara No Naka)
Yuzuki visits a mansion to visit the elderly woman. However, a much younger woman comes to the door and claims that there is no one in the house who fits the description.
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18 S3 EP 18 Title Special Radio
(スペシャルレディオ, Supesharu Redio)
Chiriko has fallen in love with the radio show "The Still of the Uber Late Night" DJ Joutarou, who often reads her letters on-air. Things go bad quickly when she's approached by a stranger.
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19 S3 EP 19 Title Snow, Moon, and Cherry Blossoms
(雪月花, Setsugekka)
Kaori has a sister who is the product of her father's affair, and one day, the love child shows up and demands to be made part of the family.
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20 S3 EP 20 Title The Hell Professor vs Hell Girl
(地獄博士 対 地獄少女, Jigoku Hakase Tai Jigoku Shoujo)
Yamawaro and Kikuri approach a large mansion belonging to a client. At night, the owner of that mansion accesses the Hell Link site.
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21 S3 EP 21 Title Right in Front Behind You
(うしろの正面, Ushiro No Shoumen)
Kaito accesses the Hell Link website to send his unborn sister to Hell with dire consequences.
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22 S3 EP 22 Title Flower and Moon
(華と月, Hana To Tsuki)
Twin sisters Sumika and Yuika switch roles, and one of the sisters will access the Hell Link.
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23 S3 EP 23 Title Twilight Hills
(日暮れ坂, Higure Zaka)
Fumio Mizuhara is constantly bullied by Tomohide Matsuda whose little sister is inquiring about the whereabouts of their abusive father.
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24 S3 EP 24 Title Mayfly
(蜉蝣, Kagerou)
Yuzuki realizes that nobody knows who she is. Tsugumi has given up hope of stopping the Hell Link and concludes that Yuzuki is not a person of this world anymore.
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25 S3 EP 25 Title Yuzuki
(ゆずき, Yuzuki)
Yuzuki lived happily with her parents, until her father died in a bus crash due to faulty brakes. The whole town accused the Mikage family of murder and being irresponsible.
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26 S3 EP 26 Title The Path Left by a Soul
(魂の軌跡, Tamashii No Kiseki)
Takasugi wants to send Azusa to hell because she took away Akie's life. Yuzuki, eagerly in awaiting Takasugi to pull the string gets a nasty surprise.
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Season 4: Fourth Twilight

Ep. Image Title Description
01 S4 EP 01 Title Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard
(見えない聞こえない, Mienai Kikoenai)
Shizuka Mayama, a high school student, is bullied by her classmates. She finally decides to call on Hell Girl to put an end to this hellish torture.
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02 S4 EP 02 Title There's Only You
(あなたしかいない, Anata Shika Inai)
The comedy duo, Nanako and Haru of "Chaos Sweets"... They are rising in popularity day by day. They are so busy with work that they don't have time to write any scripts. Their relationship seems to be sustained by jokes, but they have a secret. What was the promise they made?
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03 S4 EP 03 Title Someday, Somebody Will...
(いつか誰かが…, Itsuka Darekaga…)
A younger brother and sister live with their older sister, parents and grandmother who all have personality problems. One night, Akira sees his mom holding a straw doll, and then the next day, their grandmother disappears.
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04 S4 EP 04 Title Bury Me Deep
(わたしを深く埋めて, Watashi wo Fukaku Umete)
Sakura Kubota has been admitted into a nursing home that sells extra care as the main priority. However, in reality, it is a facility where dark secrets reside behind closed curtains.
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05 S4 EP 05 Title I Can Hear the Song of the Wind
(風の歌が聞こえる, Kaze no Uta ga Kikoeru)
One day, Satoshi Kazama goes out with his friends as his dad drives the car. They get in a car accident, and Satoshi's friends are killed. The mother of one of his friends calls upon Hell Girl with the intention of banishing Satoshi to Hell. However, Michiru finds out what really happened in the car accident...
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06 S4 EP 06 Title Twill
(あやおり, Ayaori)
Yui Aihara's boyfriend proposes to her, but there is a reason she can't be happy for it. A few years ago, her dad was managing a Chinese Restaurant and got involved with some drunk punks and ended up in a coma. Yui finally finds the person she has been looking for who holds the key to the truth of what happened.
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