Poster of Hell Girl (Jigoku Shojo) live action

The Jigoku Shoujo live action television drama series adaptation premiered across Japan on Nippon Television from November 4, 2006 and aired 12 half-hour episodes. The director for the series was Makoto Naganuma. The theme song for the series is "Dream Catcher" by OLIVIA. Pop singer, Sayuri Iwata acts as Ai Enma, Hell Girl, who was at least 16 when playing out the role. Kazuki Kato, another pop singer, plays out the role of Ren. Hisahiro Ogura, the actor who portrays Wanyūdō in the live-action adaptation is also the male narrator at the beginning of every episode of the anime series. Aya Sugimoto plays Hone Onna, also portrayed Queen Beryl in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action series. Eriko Matsushima retains her role as Ai's grandmother in the live action series.

Junior idol Saaya Irie portrays Tsugumi Shibata, along with Kazuhiko Nishimura as Hajime.

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