Jigoku Manga and ostsEdit

Is there any manga of Jigoku Shoujo? Also, does anyone knows about some good rock osts from this anime?

Of course there are mangas for this anime. You can find information about them right here in this wiki, and you can read them on the internet or otherwise buy them. As for information regarding music, the openings' and endings' names are there in the Anime Information page, although to get the actual music, you'll have to search in the internet or buy them. The background music used in the anime has their own CDs. - Kai 12 (talk) 16:22, October 8, 2015 (UTC)


Why is it necessary for this page to be locked (¬_¬) --Mai Is Me (talk) 05:00, January 3, 2018 (UTC)

Common hex colours used on official sites

  • 780351
  • 6B529C
  • 990066
  • 42B2D8
  • D7800F
  • E50754
  • 3780B3
  • 5C9E2B
  • 76AE76
  • 993399
  • 91130F
  • CF9F3B
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