Jigoku Shoujo Season 4:The Fourth Witness

I wonder if another season of Hell Girl will be coming. I want to enjoy some more:)

If there's season 4,I have a best suggestions about the recurring characters for Jigoku Shoujo Season 4. The recurring characters are the Kusagawa siblings,Jirai,14 year old schoolboy with black hair and blue eyes aka Psychic Boy who has the psychic vision to see through the person who access the Hell Correspondence and can see Ai Enma and lives with his older sister,Hazuki, 28 year old lawyer with brown hair and green eyes who tries to stop people from taking revenge and a legal guardian of Jirai . They live in Osaka. Let me say their parents were murdered by their father's friend,Takumi Naruzawa,who is a loanshark in prison for 7 years(when Jirai was 7 year old and Hazuki was 21 year old). In episode 23,Takumi was released from prison after 7 years and wanted the money back and revenge. Hazuki suddenly bumped into Natsumi,Takumi's daughter and also Jirai's school counsellor. As Takumi shows up at Hazuki's house,he wants the money back from Hazuki's late father but she doesn't have. By the time Takumi is about to shoot Hazuki, Jirai was shot in his left arm by Takumi Naruzawa while trying to protect his sister. Before Takumi can kill Hazuki for not returning 750,000 yen that her late father still owned him,Takumi's daughter,Natsumi pulled the string from the doll and send her abusive father to Hell for killing her mother and their parents. After Natsumi sent her father to Hell,the ambulance take Jirai to the hospital. Until later in episode 24,Ai appears by trying to tell Hazuki that her brother is adopted. By the time Jirai woke up from his consciousness,Hazuki told Jirai that he is actually adopted(who was born with special powers). In episode 25 reveals Jirai's past, Jirai's natural parents died when he was only a baby. Also,together with his trusted friends,Shingo Kusaka,the brains and Nikino "Niki" Kagami the tomboyish brawns as they keep secrets from others. Hmm... I'm not sure if Takuma Kurebayashi will reappeared in season 4 as he transferred to Jirai's school in Osaka. Also,I'm not sure if Yuzuki(who failed to go to Heaven) somehow returned to aid Ai as the spy of Hell in the fourth season.