Episode 2: Love birds

Jirai continues to experience about Kenzaki who was sent to Hell and Taiyo(after sending him to Hell). Until later before at school,he bumps into a new transfer student,Megumi Nagazumi. Number of people likes Megumi especially her looks and also the most prettiest girl in school. As Jirai begins to have a crush on Megumi,she approached him and was wondering about going out on a date. Niki begins to become jealous because she thinks Megumi is more beautiful than her. As on the way home,not knowing to Megumi who is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend,Shoji Kojiwara. Ren,Hone,Wanyudo,Yamawaro and Kikuri begins to see Megumi as the victim and Shoji as her target. He and Megumi has been in a long relationship a year ago after Megumi broke up with him because Shoji is becoming a drug addict. Shoji tried to get back to Megumi but she refused until Jirai and Hazuki showed up. After rescuing her,Megumi hug and kiss Jirai until back at the alley,Niki becomes enraged when Shingo tried to calmed her down. Later at the restaurant,Hazuki decided to wait for Jirai in the car by leaving Megumi and Jirai alone dating. The grief-stricken Niki becomes extremely mad when she was with Shingo seeing Jirai and Megumi holding hand. Later at night,Jirai receives a vision of Megumi accessing Hell Correspondence,type in her ex-boyfriend's name and received Yamawaro as a straw doll. The next day at school,Jirai confronts Megumi not to pull the string. Later,Shoji approached Megumi once again to abuse her and pushed her to the road. Megumi pulled the string and send Shoji to Hell. By the time she already pulled the string,she was hit by a car. Jirai,Hazuki,Shingo and Niki visit Megumi at the hospital. However,by the time after Megumi make a short speech to Jirai,she died. Jirai begins to believe that Megumi's soul is taken to Hell.

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