Episode 1: The Psychic Boy

After setting Yuzuki free,Ai continues her duty as Hell Girl. Until later,she begins to empathize with a mysterious 14 year old junior high schooler,Jirai Kusagawa,a 2nd year student studying at Mishima Junior High School in Osaka. His sister and a legal guardian,Hazuki,28,a hard-working lawyer usually busy at work. At school,Jirai and his best friends,Nikino "Niki" Kagami and Shingo Kusaka saw a first year student named Taiyo Kitayuki who constantly bullied by 3rd year senior,Hideo Kenzaki. Niki managed to chase Kenzaki's gang away and Taiyo was relieved. Shingo advises Taiyo by telling the teacher about why Kenzaki likes to bully him. Taiyo overheard from the group of people about Hell Correspondence. Later after school,Hazuki pick up Jirai by car. Hazuki wants to find out whether Jirai has found someone who wants to access Hell Correspondence. However,he hasn't. He discuss an arrangement about get Taiyo to meet Hazuki. That night,Taiyo access Hell Correspondence,type in Kenzaki's name and Ai gave Ren as a straw doll. Jirai receives his vision of Taiyo accessing Hell Correspondence. The next day,Jirai advises Taiyo not to pull the string as he promise to help him. While discussing at the restaurant,Hazuki promise to sort Taiyo's problems out. Later the angry Kenzaki shows up,he is about to beat up Taiyo. Taiyo pulled the string and send Kenzaki to Hell.

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