I also suggested another recurring character which is similar to Takuma Kurebayashi from Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori. Her name is Sakiko Mishihara. An 18 year old high schoolgirl who is a quiet girl. She was misunderstood by the townspeople of Minato. Her younger sister,Honoka was wounded by her cruel stepmother,Yukiko,while her parents were away out of town. By the time she was about to kill Sakiko,Yukiko's ex-lover and Sakiko's kind-hearted ex-stepfather,Misaki send her to Hell for getting him to drink alcohol and he was caught in an accident also got his arm injured. By the time the police shows up,the townspeople may end up thinking that Sakiko is the murderer and called her the "child abuser". Sakiko choose not to go back to school because of the townspeople. Somehow,the townspeople wants their children to be safe by not going near Sakiko.